9 thoughts on “Jamaica Games

  1. i learned that life in jamaica is quite hard because there are not people that work for free. they will want money if they work for you.

  2. i learned that farmers depend on the weather to grow crops, and farmers worry about the cows becoming deseased because it affcts the milk and dairy products

  3. I learned that there’s no profit to be made when a farmer sells his cow’s milk……… I thought cash is king?

  4. 1. Jamaican Dairy farmers do not get money support for their farm.
    2. Having diseased cows can down your money because of the vets pay fees.
    3. Weather is one of the most important thing to know for your farm.

  5. Game 1:
    -i learned that farmers care about the weather
    -they don’t get profits of there product
    -they care if there cows gets diseases
    Game 2:
    -there was a game of dice
    -cows are really important for farming
    -they had many cows

  6. i learned that farmers have to find workers theirselves because it is not easy to find farm workers.

    I also learned that you have to build your own farm because you don’t get support from the goverment.

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