How Would You Feel If You Were Forced To Return To Your Native Country?

Last week, 4,000 Hmong refugees were forced by the Thailand military to return to Laos.

Read more about what happened at these links:

Thailand Evicts Hmong Refugees is the title of a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

Reuters has an online video clip on the eviction.

After forced evacuation, local Hmong fear for their families in Laos
is an article that appeared in the Sacramento Bee.

Thailand deports thousands of Hmong to Laos comes from the BBC and also has links to a number of other related-resources.

Thailand Sends 4,000 Hmong Back to Laos is from TIME Magazine and also includes additional links.

The Hmong expulsion shares several photos from the Bangkok Post.

Thailand Evicts 4,000 Hmong to Laos is from The New York Times.

Thai army deports Hmong refugees is from Al Jazeera, and also includes a link to an excellent video series that network did on the Hmong.

Thai move to kick out asylum-seekers angers West is from Reuters and also includes several photos of the eviction.

Thailand Urged to Halt Expulsion of Laotian Hmong Population is an article on the site (run by the U.S. State Department)

Thailand Moves To Send Hmong Back To Laos is on the National Public Radio site.

Then, in the comments section, please answer this question:

How would you feel if you were forced to leave the United States and return to your native country, especially if you felt like your native country’s government was going to punish you for leaving? Why would you feel that way?

34 thoughts on “How Would You Feel If You Were Forced To Return To Your Native Country?

  1. I feel sad about this because hmong have no place to go if they go back to Laos they will got kill or punisher.

  2. i feel VERY SAD. Why did those thai have to takes those hmong people back to Laos agian. We love our hmong people we dont want them to go back to Laos to got kill.

  3. I am so sad about that country because has 4, 000
    Hmong people move away to Lao live in the mountains……….

  4. I feel sad about homong. because They have been sent on their way back to Laos,” said the government’s chief spokesman, Panitan Wattanayagorn.

  5. i feel sad because it really sad because i dont like it the only thing we cant do is bray god to hael thialand people so if got this message please bray for them

  6. i feel sad because i would want to do what I want to I dont’ like people when they force me to do what I don’t like.

  7. I really feel sad about those people,because the reason i feel sad is the childern,and I was think if the military and the government took them back to lao then what will they to,and if I was i well help them.

  8. i feel sad because there are my people also there have to go back to laos its will happen for them…….also i feel sad bout there life…………………….

  9. when i see this pictures it make me fell sad about their life because thai send their go back to laos.And their don’t have much food to eat.

  10. I feel sad. Why they sent hmong people go back to laos hmong don’t have place to live on.

  11. i feel sad for this hmong people because all the hmong people was have no place to go and live all the homg people was live in ever where now. Thailnad was the only place that hmong people what to live so why thai send the hmong poeple back to Laos. All the hmong people was scary to go back to Laos because they think that Laos people will kill them.

  12. when i see this pictures it make me feel sad about their life because thai send their go back to laos.And their don’t have much food to eat.

  13. I feel sad about hmong because they got force by many soldier to go back to Laos and they don’t want to go back because if they go back then they will get kill.

  14. i feel sad about those kids and their parent, because they have been sent to laos i also sad because the parent dont want their kids to leave thailand because they want their kids to have a better education.

  15. I feel sad because I know that it will be bad I would like to stay and do what ever I want.

  16. I feel sad because hmong people in thailand has to moves back to laos. i tink that thai people don’t want hmong people stay in the thailand then Thailand Sends 4,000 Hmong back to laos.

  17. I love those people who were in bad choice
    and i wish 2012 will help all people and animal and all creture
    out of hell i wish peace will appear some day
    nothing can be nicer than peace i guess
    alll this i guess

  18. i fell happy because they are not my family.Also they is not my brother sister so i don ‘t care.

  19. feel sad about hmong poeple because they have no country and no freedom. That make me want to help them, but is no esay to hlep them.

  20. i feel sad because hmong have no country to live and have no freedom and hmong live everywhere so right now thai have sand hmong back to laos i very feel sad

  21. i think Thai government very mean to my people because they sent them to a place they don’t want to go.

  22. i am so sad like you mannnnnn…….that they take hmong people to lao.
    because i worry about hmong people and i love thier

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