Learning About Cigarettes

Please find new items for each of these three categories:

Health Effects of Smoking

Costs Of Smoking

Quitting Smoking

You can find them here:

Smoking Kills and Smoking May Be Banned In Cars are two articles with audio support and follow-up activities from the excellent California Distance Learning Project. They are specifically designed for English Language Learners.

ELLO has a listening “game” related to a person who stopped smoking. This activity, too, is for ELL’s.

How To Stop Smoking is a “talking news story” for ELL’s from Many Things.

Stop Smoking is quiz that’s also from Many Things.

Smoking: The Facts is an interactive tutorial from Medline Plus.

You Make Me Sick is a game from the BBC on smoking. They also have an interactive quiz.

Bonko’s Body Quiz is a smoking interactive from PBS Kids.

Here’s another listening exercise — this time on smoking statistics.

Quitting Smoking is a closed-captioned video from the National Institute Of Heath.

Breaking News English has a lesson on smoking that includes audio support for the text.

1-Language has a report on smoking that provides audio support for the text.

Here are some online videos from The Truth that are designed to encourage young people not to smoke.

Aspire is another site designed to encourage teenagers not to smoke. Its videos are closed-captioned.

An interactive on How Tobacco Damages Your Body from Northwest Community Hospital (accessible to Intermediate ELL’s).

An animation from The Centers For Disease Control on The Health Consequences of Smoking on the Human Body (accessible to high Intermediate ELL’s).

TIME Magazine has just published an infographic titled Leading Cause of Death. It’s a pretty amazing piece of work chocked full with data about smoking cigarettes.

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