The Spanish Explore America


SAS Spain In The New World

Watch this movie about the Spanish explorers.

We will also watch a movie about slavery.


Complete Spain In The New World activity and email it to Mr. Ferlazzo.

Complete Aztec Resistance and email it to Mr. Ferlazzo

Read about Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth and do the activity.



View this animation of European Explorers of the Americas.


Watch this movie on the Conquistadors.

Video: Pope Francis To Canonize A Controversial Spanish Friar

Video: Who was Junipero Serra?

Learn About The Missions

Map: California Missions

Pope Francis Courts Controversy Over Junipero Serra Sainthood


Junipero Serra left mark in ways that weren’t saintly, many say,

Write down three new things you learned beyond what we read about in the two clozes.

Fr. Junipero Serra Writing Prompt

The Pope is making Fr. Junipero Serra a Saint this week. Please learn about Serra's life and the work of the California Missions by looking at the materials and videos on our class blog. Then, list the reasons some people support him being named a saint. Next, write about the reasons why some say he should not be made a saint. Then, say which side you agree with and why.

This is a version of:

They Say

I Say

Why I Say It

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