Christopher Columbus

Add information to your Christopher Columbus Data Set. from these movies and articles.


We'll watch a movie on the Continents and Oceans.

We'll watch this movie on Columbus Day and this movie on Christopher Columbus.


Log-on to Columbus and the New World. Complete the activity and email it to Mr. Ferlazzo.

Watch these movies on Christopher Columbus:

Christopher Columbus' Big Surprise

Famous People (Click on Christopher Columbus)

Watch Columbus Explorations.

Watch Europe Looks Outward.

Take this test on Columbus and play this game.



Write in the comments section how you felt when you first entered the United States.  If you were too young to remember, please ask your parents how they felt and write what they say.

Watch this movie on Reading Maps.

Columbus Day

Why Do We Celebrate Columbus Day?

Do this cloze on Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus Game


Imagine how you would feel if people you had never seen before came to your house and told you they were taking it for themselves. What you would do?


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