Buffalo Hide Paintings

Native Americans in the Northern Plains painted stories on the skins of buffaloes. They are similar to Hmong story cloths.


Read about Buffalo Hide Paintings.


On a sheet of paper, draw your own Buffalo Hide painting on the "parchment paper." You can choose one of these three stories to tell in at least six or seven pictures:

* Your family's immigration story

* An important event in your or your family's life

* Put yourself in the position of an ancient Native American and recount a story that you might experience

After you are finished with your drawing, please write about it.

You can also go to:

ArtPad to draw it. Copy and paste the link to your drawing into the comments section of this post. Then write a short explanation of your drawing there, too.

If there is time, record your explanation using Vocaroo and paste its url address into your comment.

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