Learn About Different Ethnic Groups

This week, all the classes at Burbank are learning about the different ethnic groups at our school.

Each day, we will be coming to the computer lab and you will be learning about one group. Ms. Hull and Mr. Ferlazzo will tell you which group we are studying on each day.

Each day, please write three things you learn in the comments section.

We will be studying:

The Best Websites To Teach & Learn About African-American History

The Best Sites For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The Best Websites To Learn About The Hmong

The Best Resources For Hispanic Heritage Month

The Best Sites For Learning About Cesar Chavez

107 thoughts on “Learn About Different Ethnic Groups

  1. I learn that in 1885 German trading company settled on the islands.And I also learn that in world war II united states occupied the islands 1944 but they plus the pacific islands to united states.And the last i learn today it that Marshall island have tropical climate.I know that united states drop the first hydrogen bomb in 1952.

  2. I learn that ger.vang pao help united states solider.That way he cannot stay in Lao because they don’t like him.I learn that in 1950 is no have Hmong written because no one will make for Hmong people uses.But right Hmong have own language because someone make for us.

  3. I learn that Hispanic heritage like to play basketball because they so tall and they good to play.I learn that artist in the south west America because they use to live there.

  4. Today i learned about Spanish people. First i learned about the first women and the first Spanish to server the U.S.A Surgeon general, Antonia Novella. Second thing i learned is that Raul Yzaguirre is a widely recognized civil rights leader and a instrumental national advocate for Hispanics Americans and third thing i learned is that Bill Richardson was elected governor of New Mexico in 2002. A Four-time nominee for the Nobel peace prize.

  5. Today i learned about marshals people First i learned about a major problem for the islands is how to gain some measure of financial independence from the U.S.A second thing i learned is that the marshlands were discover and Claimed by Hispanic in the mid 1800’s. And third thing i learned is that major languages they have is English and mars-hales and their population is 54,000=)

  6. Today i learned about Hmong people. first i learned that in 1998 was a though year for the Hmong in Minnesota; piled on tragedy with perhaps the worst being the murder of six children by their mother. Second thing i learned about is that around 150,000 Hmong people live in the urban Hmong population in the world. They traveled thousand of difficult miles to get here. and third thing i learned is that St. Paul’s part of the history of Hmong people.

  7. Yer her
    Today I learn about san Francisco, first I learn San Francisco is the fourth most populated city in California. Second I learn is the ever defiant pirate cat radio opened a café, where you can stick it to the man over a sport of tea or vegan donuts. The third I learn Aquarius records is the city’s oldest independent record store and a friendly sanctuary for music lovers.

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